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Sunshine Coast, Qld
Commissioned: November 2021
Usable Battery Storage: 20KWh @ up to 80% DOD.

Our clients are living on their dream property in the Sunshine Coast hinterlands. Their existing off-grid system was outdated and needed an upgrade. We decommissioned the existing system and supplied and installed a brand new off-grid system with ground mount solar panels (as the house roof was not suitable).

There was not enough space nor was the house or shed roof suitable. Ground mount was the next best option. We used the panels to provide shading of the battery box. The client is going to build a timber shed around the battery box and generator at a later date.

Photo of free standing solar panels


  • 1 phase residential off-grid with storage

  • 8KVA generator supplied, installed and controlled by the battery system

Installed PV

  • 24 x 330W Sumec Phono twinplus

System Components

  • 1 x Selectronic multimode inverter charger 5KW

  • 1 x Fronius 6KW Primo Selectronic certified

  • 5 x Powerplus 4KW Eco Lithium batteries

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