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Electrical Testing and Tagging

Test and Tag Service

Guarantee the safety of your electrical equipment and compliance with AS/NZ 3760 by using Gimpel Electrics to test and tag your appliances. Gimpel Electrics will inspect your appliances to ensure they present no signs of damage and test them to check they are safe and in proper working order. After the testing, your product will then be tagged to indicate that a test has occurred, the date of the testing, the person who tested it, and the due date of the next test. Are you looking for an electrical testing and tagging company to guarantee the safety of your team and products? Engage Gimpel Electrics and we’ll ensure your workplace is checked over efficiently.

We are a family-owned business that has been in operation for 44 years, providing professionalism and expertise across all areas of electrical matters. When you engage our team for your electrical services such as test & tag, rest easy and with optimal confidence knowing the job is being performed by the licensed and qualified professionals at Gimpel!

Are you looking for a reliable and trusted company that provides test and tag Brisbane businesses stand by? Contact the team at Gimpel Electrics on (07) 3343 4066 to discuss your business’ requirements. For more, browse our website to find and engage our comprehensive electrical contractors Brisbane for any electrical services you require.

Test & Tag with Gimpel Electrics

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Who Requires Electrical Testing and Tagging?

There are a number of industry sectors who require testing and tagging services to ensure their equipment is up to date, from construction to offices, it is a mandatory requirement for all businesses across Australia. All electrical equipment or appliances that are supplied with electricity through an electrical socket must be regularly inspected to ensure optimal safety for the surrounds. This is especially important for equipment that is used within environments where they are exposed to operating conditions that could cause optimal damage.

Industries that require a regular test and tag service include:

  • Building and construction
  • Demolition
  • Production, factories, and warehouses
  • Offices and education facilities
  • Health care and laboratories
  • Secure environments

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What Equipment is Checked for Test and Tag? A photograph of kitchen appliances.

What Equipment is Checked?

When it comes to our electrical testing and tagging service, all appliances with a flexible cord, removable plug, and a voltage over 50V will need to be checked and certified. Equipment is in one of two categories:

  • Class I – appliances such as kettles, irons, and toasters
  • Class II – double insulated appliances such as hairdryers and electric drills. Double insulated appliances are indicated by a square within a square symbol or the words ‘Double Insulated’.

New equipment must be visually inspected and tagged while second-hand equipment requires a full test. Engage Gimpel Electrics for a regular test and tag Brisbane service.

An electrician carrying out Test & Tag Timing

Test and Tag Timing

The frequency and intervals of testing and tagging will depend on the environment in which the appliance being tested is in. How often you perform tests can range from 3 months, in cases where heavy damage may occur, up to 5 years, typically environments where the equipment sees the least amount of bending and movement. Regular testing with Gimpel Electrics will provide you with a work area that is safe and up to regulations.

Safety and Regulation Compliance and electrician at work

Safety and Regulation Compliance

Poor quality and malfunctioning electrical equipment pose as a risk and hazard to the lives of those working and living in proximity, which is why managers need to ensure the safety of their equipment is up to date at all times. Gimpel Electrics will provide you with professional and comprehensive testing and tagging which will give you and your employees the confidence of knowing you’re in compliance with all regulations while using properly functioning and safely maintained equipment.

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