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Domestic Solar Systems

Australia is the largest user of domestic solar, in the world, with about 30% of homes equipped with solar panels atop their homes.

With zero greenhouse gas emissions generated, changing sunlight into electricity provides an economic benefit to solar system users and contributes to the use of cleaner energy. Electricity created beyond what is needed may be sold back or stored for future use and is a switch towards less fossil fuel reliance.

Gimpel Electrics is dedicated to providing all homes with the opportunity to use sustainable solar energy at a low price. For forty years we have provided quality service and work to our customers. Take advantage of our expertise and industry knowledge and browse our range of domestic solar systems.

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Solar Energy Production

Power created through solar systems originates on a grid which is used to decrease the amount of electricity you use. Credit is provided for power that is not needed. Gimpel Electrics can help you match your energy use patterns to a solar system fitting your needs. Often this may be a system ranging between 5kW-8kW which provides a good return on investment and starts paying for itself in only 3-5 years.

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Saving Money with Solar

A domestic solar system works alongside your electricity provider to provide you with power, lowering the total electricity you need to purchase and replacing it with solar energy. This offsets energy consumption resulting in savings. Surplus energy can also be sold back using a ‘feed in tariff’. Check with your local council as the rate is determined differently from state to state and also depends on which retailer you use.

Solar Panels on the Roof of a House

How Many Solar Panels Are Needed?

The energy created by your solar system is more important than the number or size of solar panels. Each panel has a nominal power rating, higher ratings effectively equate to fewer panels. Solar panel’s dimensions vary, generally occupying 1.6m2, as does their power output so you may consider purchasing more panels that are less efficient, but cheaper, if you have the roof space.

Interested in Domestic Solar System Installation?

Contact Gimpel Electrics to learn more about which solar system is best for you. Call us on (07) 3343 4066, send us an email or fill out our online contact form and one of our licensed staff will be in touch.

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