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If you are looking for professional corporate electrical contractors, you are in luck. At Gimpel Electrics, we specialise in delivering top-tier real estate electrician services to property managers and real estate agents across Brisbane.

Our team of electrical contractors have years of experience in everything from residential and commercial addresses to strata and managed properties. Our extensive electrical work experience allows us to offer electrical services designed to meet the unique needs of the real estate sector. From emergency services to regular maintenance and electrical safety checks, our certified property management electricians help property managers ensure their properties are safe, efficient, and compliant with the latest electrical standards.

If you are a property manager looking to work with an expert real estate electrician, look no further. For electrician services that you can trust, it’s time to get in touch with Gimpel. Just give us a call at (07) 3343 4066 or email, and a real estate electrician will be in touch shortly.

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A testimonial from one of our happy real estate customers

"We highly recommend Gimpel Electrics to any real estate agency looking for dependable Electrical contractors in the Brisbane area"

I work for Innov8 Property in the Property Management Team. We have engaged Gimpel Electrics on multiple occasions to carry out emergency, general electric work and also smoke alarm installation, services and checks. Our staff and tenants have found the technicians to be professional, punctual and knowledgeable. Equally, landlords appreciate knowing that the repairs and work being undertaken on their property is done to the highest standard at a reasonable price. We highly recommend Gimpel Electrics to any real estate agency looking for dependable Electrical contractors in the Brisbane area. - Kelly Faulks

Real Estate Electrical Repairs & Services

If one of your tenants is experiencing electrical issues, this can severely impact living conditions – as well as safety. Hiring a reliable real estate electrician for electrical maintenance and urgent electrician services is critical for the safety of your tenants and property. Our real estate electrician team are available on call to quickly fix electrical issues when they happen, allowing your tenants to resume life as normal.

If you are a property manager and require any kind of electrical maintenance we recommend getting in touch with our friendly team to discuss how we can help. While the following list is by no means extensive, some of the common electrical emergency repairs our strata electricians can provide include:

Burning odours

If your tenant has noticed a burning odour smell coming from cords, outlets, or appliances, it’s crucial to call a real estate electrician straight away. This is because a burning smell may indicate damaged or exposed wiring, which can lead to an electrical fire. A strata electrician can quickly identify the cause of the smell, and effectively solve the issue so your tenant is no longer at risk. Our electrician services ensure the issue is solved in no time and both your tenants and property are safe from any further electrical damage.

Power outage

A power outage is not only frustrating but can be a sign that a home’s wiring is old and needs replacing. There are many reasons why this could be happening, including overloading a system or broken wiring. If no one else in the neighbourhood looks to be experiencing an outage, a body corporate electrician should be called to find the source. With ongoing electrical maintenance, our team can help to ensure your electrical wiring is up to date and is equipped to handle all household power use in the future.

Person flicking switch on switchboard
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Switchboard maintenance

The switchboard is the heart of a property’s electrical system, distributing electricity around the building. As technology advances and electrical loads increase, old switchboards may become outdated or incapable of handling modern demands, leading to potential safety risks. Our team of electrical contractors can provide efficient solutions to outdated switchboards by fixing old wiring, installing surge protection devices and installing new fuses for protection from electric shocks.

Safety features

Electrical safety is paramount in any property, and our real estate electricians are experts in installing and maintaining the necessary safety features to protect tenants and properties alike. Key safety features include:

Safety Switches: These devices are crucial for detecting imbalances in the electrical current, automatically shutting off the power to prevent electric shock. Installation of safety switches is not just an electrical safety measure but a regulatory requirement in many areas.

Smoke Alarms: We provide installation and maintenance services for smoke alarms, ensuring they are in optimal working condition to alert tenants in case of fire. Regular testing and battery replacement are part of our comprehensive service.

Lighting Maintenance

Comprehensive Lighting Solutions

Effective lighting is essential for the functionality and aesthetics of any property. Our lighting maintenance services provided by an experienced real estate electrician ensure that all aspects of your property’s lighting are functioning correctly, including:

Power Points and Transformers: Ensuring all power points are safe, secure, and properly installed, alongside transformer checks for optimal operation of low-voltage lighting.

Wiring Maintenance: Regular inspections and maintenance of lighting wiring to prevent electrical hazards and ensure efficient operation.

Lighting Installations: From energy-efficient LED upgrades to emergency lighting, we offer a range of lighting solutions tailored to your property’s needs.

Group of electricians using an OHM meter to test voltage in an industrial power center. All work being performed according to industry code and safety standards.
Person flicking switch on switchboard

Emergency Electrical Services

Electrical emergencies can occur at any time, posing immediate risks to property and tenant safety. Property managers need a qualified real estate electrician they can rely on for reliable electrical services when disaster strikes. Our emergency electrical services are designed to respond swiftly and effectively to such situations, ensuring peace of mind and electrical safety for property managers and tenants. Whether it’s a sudden power outage, a malfunctioning safety switch, or any other urgent electrical issue, our team is ready to assist 24/7.

Our emergency electrical services cover a wide range of issues, including but not limited to:

Rapid Response to Power Outages: Diagnosing and resolving the cause of unexpected power losses.

Emergency Repairs: Addressing critical issues like exposed wiring, faulty switchboards, and malfunctioning safety features to prevent potential hazards.

Urgent Maintenance: When immediate attention is required to prevent damage or further issues, our team is equipped to help property managers handle urgent maintenance needs efficiently.

Strata Maintenance

Regular maintenance undertaken by a strata electrician can ensure minor electrical issues don’t go unchecked, resulting in more dangerous issues in the future. These safety audit checks include:

Photo of electrician on a ladder installing a downlight

Thermographic testing

Thermographic testing allows our electricians to scan inside a building switchboard and identify load imbalances in wiring systems. This not only helps prevent electrical disasters from happening but is also becoming required from strata insurers, especially if the building is old.


If the wiring has been worn out or circuits have become overloaded, it runs the risk of causing a fire. This is especially common with older buildings, which is why having regular electrical maintenance is so crucial.

Testing and tagging

Testing and tagging involves a body corporate electrician testing appliances for damage and to see if it’s at risk of becoming an electrical hazard. This should be done at least once a year to ensure appliances are working up to standard or replaced when needed.

Domestic electrician wearing gloves and working on wiring.

Why Choose Gimpel Electrics?

We are experienced electrical contractors

When you’re busy managing multiple properties, it can be frustrating trying to find a reliable strata electrician that you can trust to get the job done. With Gimpel, you’re working with electricians who have extensive experience with property managers, no matter the size of the building. Have peace of mind knowing that not only will electrical issues be solved quickly and efficiently but that preventative measures will be put in place to reduce further risks.

We are licenced and insured professionals

All of our electricians are formally qualified and insured to perform electrical work and are regularly trained to work with the newest electrical systems, ranging from air conditioners and hot water systems to installing switches and replacing outlets. Don’t risk it by hiring an unqualified electrician; contact Gimpel Electrics to chat with licensed electrical contractors you can trust. 

We offer professional services for a competitive price

We understand that property managers are juggling a lot of responsibilities, and that’s why we aim to make the pricing for our electrical work as straightforward as possible, without any hidden costs. Our real estate and body corporate clients can expect professional service for an affordable price with all of our real estate electrical services and emergency services.

Get in touch

So, if you are a property manager looking to lock in ongoing electrician services, replace a faulty smoke alarm, update your air conditioning or get in touch with an electrical company for emergency services — look no further, you have found your partner in electrical safety with Gimpel Electrics.

Our friendly team are available to have a chat and identify how we can help you with efficient solutions and competitive prices. Get in touch today and put your worries about electrical maintenance behind you — we’ve got you covered.

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