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Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

You don’t have to wait to save money on your power bills; choose eco-friendly energy with Gimpel Electrics.

Our solar panel providers will walk you through the options available and provide advice on the best systems for your needs. Once installed, our solar panel providers will monitor your system regularly if connected to the internet and perform any electrical maintenance that’s needed.

If you’re looking for solar panel installation Brisbane wide, give Gimpel Electrics a call today on (07) 3343 4066.

Solar Panel Systems: How Do They Work?

Solar energy works by converting the sun’s rays into electrical power. The sun’s rays are transformed through photovoltaic (PV) panels, which contain cells made specifically for absorbing ultraviolet and infrared light. When electrons flow through a cell, it creates an electrical circuit, with the more panels, the more electricity. These solar panel systems can be installed on a residential roof or placed in a field as a large-scale installation.

Solar Panels Brisbane: Why Make The Switch?

Solar energy is a viable and sustainable solution for homeowners and businesses looking to save money and reduce their carbon footprint. This is because solar panel systems harness the sun’s power, converting its energy into renewable electricity.

By joining the growing ranks of solar energy users, you can save money by reducing your electric bill whilst adopting environmentally friendly practices. Solar power has grown by leaps and bounds as more and more homeowners and businesses discover the cost savings and positive environmental impact of installing solar panels. If you’re looking for solar panel installation Brisbane homeowners trust, chat to the team at Gimpel Electrics today.

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Environmentally Friendly

Solar energy is clean and provides a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to our current reliance on fossil fuels. Going solar indirectly affects the environment as it reduces the dependence on other energy sources. The solar panel systems we install offer the benefit of producing no air pollution or greenhouse gases.

Save Money Long Term

Solar panel systems represent a lasting financial investment that will pay off in the long term. Some of the advantages are visible now, however, the long-term benefits are even more significant. You already have enough electricity generated to cover your solar energy installation costs when you have a solar power system for more than five years.

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Commercial Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

Installing solar technology on your commercial site will go a long way in making your business more sustainable, clean, green, and environmentally friendly. Not only does it have a small environmental footprint, but it’s also proven to reduce monthly electricity bills while simultaneously powering some of the business operations you rely on every day. What’s more, the local Government continues to incentivise solar energy installation for both homes and businesses across Queensland.

Financial Incentives

The Australian Government offers numerous financial incentives as part of the renewable energy scheme. This pays rebates of up to $7,000 for solar energy installation, depending on the size of the system. You may also be eligible for feed-in tariffs if you send excess energy back to the grid, which involves electricity companies sending you small payments to use it. Or alternatively, you can use solar panels to operate completely off the grid, generating your own electricity – though this typically takes a large solar panel system.

Solar Panel Installation Brisbane

For quality solar panels Brisbane wide, choose Gimpel Electrics. Our experienced local electrical contractors can give advice on systems, install and repair existing ones. If you’d like to discuss solar energy installation, give us a call on (07) 3343 4066 or via our online form and we’ll be in touch shortly.

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