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Solar Installation Brisbane

At Gimpel Electrics, we are a strong believer in renewable energy and independent power generation.

Your Brisbane Solar System Installers

Harnessing the sun’s power for our daily energy needs is a revolutionary step towards sustainable living. At Gimpel Electrics, we’re deeply committed to advancing this cause and helping Brisbane residents embrace the many benefits of solar energy.

We understand the concerns many have regarding climbing electricity bills. The good news? Solar panel installation offers a robust solution to these concerns. And if the initial costs seem daunting, don’t fret. Our No Cost Solar Plan ensures that every Brisbane resident can consider transitioning to solar without the weight of upfront expenses, making the bright prospect of solar power more accessible than ever.

The Necessity of Solar Installations

Solar installations aren’t just a trend; they’re a response to a global need. The undeniable reality is that our world’s resources are finite; and every day, more Brisbane residents are recognising the importance of shifting towards sustainable energy sources.

By choosing to install solar panels in Brisbane, you’re not only reducing your electricity bills but also lessening your carbon footprint, which advocates for a greener planet. Whether it’s for residential solar needs or larger setups, solar power systems are a reliable investment in a sustainable future.

Everything solar is our passion!

Whatever your renewable energy needs, Gimpel Electrics has the experience and the capabilities to provide the right solution for you.

Solar System Services​

Photo of a solar cells installed on the roof of a house
Harnessing solar energy presents a sustainable path to reducing your household’s electricity needs. With residential solar installation in Brisbane, you can seamlessly integrate a domestic solar system with your current electricity provider, optimising power delivery to your home. Not only will this decrease your reliance on traditional fossil fuels, but it also ensures you tap into a renewable energy stream that consistently replenishes itself.
Aerial view of a commercial solar facility
For businesses, the shift to solar isn’t just environmentally conscious — it’s also financially savvy. By embracing solar power, Brisbane companies can significantly cut down on operating expenses, as solar panels are not just a means to consume power, but also offer potential tax deductions.
Photo of two men installing solar panels on the roof of a house
Solar panels offer residents and business owners alike the dual benefits of shrinking carbon footprints and alleviating monthly energy costs. Whether for a home or a commercial establishment, transitioning to solar energy in Brisbane signifies a thoughtful pivot towards sustainability. Moreover, the financial savings accrued can be channelled into other valuable endeavours, or simply enjoyed for other pleasures in life. With solar panels, Brisbane property owners aren’t just purchasing energy; you’re investing in a brighter, greener future.
Photo of a hybrid solar panel system on a residential home.
Hybrid solar systems, as the name suggests, offer a blend of solar power innovation and traditional electricity access. Powered by sunlight, these systems come equipped with batteries to store excess energy. Remaining connected to the electricity grid provides an added advantage, especially during unexpected blackouts. So, with hybrid solar systems in Brisbane, you not only harness the sun’s clean energy, but you also have the assurance of uninterrupted power, keeping your home illuminated and devices charged.
Photo of off-grid solar panels next to a home.
These off-grid solar systems are ideal for those wanting to curb escalating power bills or tread a greener path, as they function independently of the traditional grid. With customisable options, including battery storage and power capacities, moving off-grid doesn’t mean compromising on your daily comfort. We’ve designed our off-grid solutions with longevity and steadfast reliability in mind, ensuring your investment translates into lasting, tangible benefits.
Photo of solar installers installing and maintaining a solar panel

The key to harnessing consistent, optimal solar power is regular maintenance. At Gimpel Electrics, we’re dedicated to ensuring your solar panels continuously operate at peak performance.

If you ever feel your system isn’t matching its initial efficiency, we’re here to help. From addressing simple issues like obstructions or dirt accumulation on the panels to more intricate checks involving power inverters or wiring, our team has the expertise to diagnose and resolve any hiccup. Trust us to be your go-to solution for all solar system maintenance needs.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Solar Power?

Installing solar panels brings many advantages for both homeowners and businesses. One primary advantage is its role as a shield against surging electricity bills. In fact, experts anticipate a spike of at least 50% in power costs over the next two years. The good news? You can invest in a solar system through a “Green Plan,” which requires no immediate expenses. With this plan, the savings accrued from using solar energy essentially cover the system’s cost, which is why we fondly refer to it as our No Cost Solar Plan.

At its core, solar energy is a pristine and renewable form of power sourced directly from the sun, positioning it as an environmentally-friendly energy alternative. Not only does it steer clear of releasing harmful greenhouse gases, but its operational needs are simple: just a consistent supply of sunlight. When you adorn your rooftops with solar panels, you’re not just harnessing energy. You’re also sending a clear message to your community about your commitment to a sustainable future.

Trust in Our Expertise and Quality

At Gimpel Electrics, we believe that excellence shouldn’t come at the expense of affordability. We ensure that our solar systems in Brisbane are of unmatched quality. Opting for cheaper alternatives might seem appealing initially, but in the long haul, inferior panels and inverters will not stand the test of time. We prioritise using the best solar panel systems, ensuring our customers get true value for their money.

Our solar installers have almost a decade of experience in the solar power system installation process, ensuring not only functional but also aesthetically appealing setups. Over the years, our customer service has earned us the trust of countless Brisbane residents who now enjoy reduced power bills thanks to our robust, reliable, and safe solar panel installations.

At Gimpel Electrics, we don’t just install solar; we guarantee a brighter, sustainable future.

Why Choose Us For Your Solar Installation, Brisbane?

Thinking about shifting to solar power in Brisbane? Let our team at Gimpel Electrics guide you. Here are a few reasons why we stand out:

No Cost Solar Plan

We understand the initial hesitation due to costs. That’s why we offer a No Cost Solar Plan, easing your transition to a sustainable future without the immediate financial burden.

Free Solar Consultation

Dive deep into the solar world with our experts. We provide a free consultation to understand your needs, ensuring you get the best solar panel system tailored for you.

5 Year Warranty

Our trust in the quality of our solar installations is unwavering. That's why we back them up with a 5-year warranty, to give you peace of mind.

Excellent Customer Service

For us, installing solar systems in Brisbane isn't just about the panels and solar batteries; it's about building lasting relationships. Our customer service ensures you’re supported at every step.

9 Years’ Experience

With nearly a decade as solar panel installers in Brisbane, our expertise ensures that every installed solar pv system is both efficient and reliable.

Reduced Carbon Footprint

By choosing solar power, you're not only saving on bills, but also championing a greener planet. Opting for a solar system in Brisbane is a step towards a more sustainable lifestyle.

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