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Phone Line Installation

Telephone Installation Services, Brisbane

At Gimpel Electrics, we’re a family operated company that has dedicated the last 44 years to resolving the electrical needs of our fellow Brisbane residents. Whether you’re looking to have a phone socket added to your Brisbane Southside home, or need additional phone lines for your growing business, our licensed technicians are here to help.

Our services are not only comprehensive but also affordably priced. We understand the importance of having a reliable home phone system, which is why we go out of our way to provide top-notch and efficient service that gets the job done on-time, and on-budget.

Let us help you stay connected. If you’re considering installing a new phone line or require repairs to your existing setup, Gimpel Electrics is your go-to provider. We provide free quotes, and invite you to contact us by calling us on (07) 3343 4066, or booking an appointment online today.

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Our Phone Line Installation Process

At Gimpel Electrics, we ensure a smooth and transparent phone line installation process. Here’s what you can expect when you choose us for your phone cabling needs:

Initial Consultation and Assessment

Once you contact us, we’ll begin with a thorough consultation. This involves understanding your specific needs, whether it’s installing new phone lines or adding additional phone points in your home or business. Usually we can provide you an approximate quote in this stage; however, if you require multiple phone lines or a complex installation process, we may need to visit your premises to determine the exact price.

Site Inspection

Our licensed technicians will visit your premises to evaluate the best course of action for your telephone line installation. This step is crucial for identifying the optimal locations for phone sockets and ensuring the installation will be both seamless and efficient.

Detailed Quote

Following your inspection, if we haven’t already, we will provide you with a detailed quote. This ensures transparency and helps you understand the costs involved, with no hidden surprises.

Scheduling the Installation

Once you’re happy with the quote, we’ll schedule the installation at a time that’s convenient for you. We value your time and strive to work around your schedule.

Installation Process

Our team of experts will carry out the installation with precision and care. Whether it’s setting up a new phone line or expanding your current phone cabling system, we ensure the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Testing and Quality Assurance

After installation, we conduct thorough testing to ensure everything is functioning perfectly. This step is vital to guarantee that your new phone lines are reliable and ready to use.

Clean-up and Final Walk-through

We believe in leaving your space as tidy as we found it. After the installation, our team will clean up their work area and do a final walk-through with you to ensure you’re completely satisfied with our work.

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Why Choose Gimpel Electrics?

Experienced and Trustworthy

With over 44 years of serving Brisbane residents, Gimpel Electrics has established a reputation for reliability and expertise. Our experienced team ensures your phone line installations are handled quickly, efficiently, and — most importantly — professionally.

Comprehensive Service for Homes and Businesses

Whether you’re a homeowner needing a new phone socket or a business requiring multiple phone lines, we cater to all your needs. Our services are designed to be flexible, accommodating both residential and commercial clients, regardless of what kind of telephone installation you require.

Licensed Technicians

Our team comprises highly skilled and licensed technicians. This means every job, whether it’s a simple phone point installation or a complex setup for the National Broadband Network, is completed to the highest standards.

Affordable and Transparent Pricing

We believe in providing high-quality services at a fair price. With Gimpel Electrics, you receive free quotes for the work you need, ensuring transparency and affordability on our behalf for your phone line installation needs.

Quick and Efficient Service

We strive to complete all installations and repairs swiftly and efficiently. Our team works diligently to ensure minimal disruption to your daily routine while delivering excellent results.

After-Sale Support and Repairs

Our commitment to you doesn’t end with your telephone installation. We offer ongoing support and phone line repair services to ensure your communication lines are always in top condition.

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Our Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of getting a phone line installed on your premises varies depending on the complexity of the job. For a standard installation in a residential property, it typically takes a few hours. However, for larger commercial projects or more complex setups, it might take longer. We always aim to work efficiently while ensuring the highest quality of our service.

We understand the importance of minimising disruption. That’s why our licensed technicians are trained to work swiftly and discreetly. For businesses, we can schedule installations during off-peak hours or weekends to ensure minimal impact on your operations. At homes, we’re careful to work around your schedule and maintain a tidy work environment.

Yes, we can! Our technicians are equipped to handle installations and setups related to the National Broadband Network. We can assist in ensuring that your transition to NBN is smooth, and your connection is optimised for the best possible performance.

Yes, all our technicians are fully licensed and insured. This ensures that they are up-to-date with the latest industry standards and practices. Additionally, it provides our clients with peace of mind knowing that they are covered in the unlikely event of any issues.

Additional phone lines are often needed as your family or business grows. Indicators include the need for separate lines for fax or internet, a busy household requiring more access points, or a business experiencing increased call volume. We can assess your needs during our initial consultation and provide tailored solutions.

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For your home, factory, or business needs — you can count on Gimpel Electrics for all kinds of electrical installations, upgrades, and repairs. Book our team in for a site visit today for unmatched quality.

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