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For over 44 years, we’ve been a family-operated company dedicated to resolving electrical and wiring issues for our clients in Brisbane. With our extensive experience, we swiftly assess each situation and deliver efficient, effective solutions right to your door.

Our proficiency in both residential and commercial data cabling installation ensures we find the best placement for your cables and wires to cause minimal disruption to your daily routine. We specialise in Brisbane homes and offices, and can guarantee that your data installation will not only comply with all necessary regulations and guidelines, but also come at an affordable price.

Why Do You Need a Licensed Commercial Electrician?

When it comes to safety in an emergency, your customers and staff are your first priority. We have all seen how quickly fires can progress and consume a building and your staff could be relying on your illuminated signs to evacuate your business as quickly and safely as possible. Having a certified exit lighting strategy is paramount to a safe environment, but not just that, when was the last time your business performed its six-monthly emergency lighting inspection compliant with AS/NZS 2293.2:2019? Gimpel Electrics is happy to perform these emergency lighting inspections, repairs and and commercial electrical installation services.

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Testing and Tagging

A clean environment will help prevent trips and falls, but all too often we run over our extension leads, leave the sandwich press too close to the wall, or pull on the vacuum by its lead. Without performing Test & Tag on your appliances, you may have no knowledge of any damaged leads or appliances where even the damage may be internal. Our commercial electrical team are trained to perform and report Test & Tag as per AS/NZS 3760:2010 using some of the latest devices around and can return a digital report of all the appliances tested.

Safety Switch Testing

After prevention comes your life line in the form of a safety switch. Safety switches are designed to protect your staff and customers by sensing a short down to earth or an imbalance on the circuit. They are required on all power circuits as a minimum and any alterations on any circuit 32A or less will require a safety switch by law. These devices are not to be confused with circuit breakers or fuses as they do not protect people but are designed to protect the wiring of a circuit and trip due to overload and short circuit between active and neutral. In a commercial or industrial environment, safety switches are required to be tested as per AS/NZS 3000:2018 which includes a metered test and logbook filled out as well by push button test periodically. Gimpel Electrics’ trained staff are more than happy to organise a time that best suits you when all power can be turned off for a short testing period, inside or outside general work hours. If we do find any faults we will liaise with you to find the best time for these repairs to be carried out so as to keep any disruption to your business as minimal as possible.

Thermal Inspections

For those businesses looking to prevent future electrical issues in the switchboard, Gimpel Electrics is more than happy to organise a thermal inspection with a qualified technician and deliver a report of the findings. This procedure may be performed during nominal work hours and best done when a heavy load is in operation and a high draw of current is present. If any of the findings present a risk and are required to be repaired, we will be more than happy to organise a time when suitable to perform a shutdown on the switchboard and rectify the found fault.

Office Electrical Services

Business needs are changing all the time. Gimpel Electrics can assist you with your phone and data installation and relocation including moving the NBN hub to a more effective location. Are you installing office screens in your business, you may require power and data where your staff will be seated at convenient intervals.

Reduce Energy Bills

As a business, you may find you are not fully aware of the power usage your business utilises. Our commercial electrical team offers the ability to report on your power usage over a period of time and help reduce your power bills by identifying spikes in usage and load balancing. This report may be used to identify whether a switchboard is at full capacity, or if you have the ability to install your new machine or appliance.

If you do find your power bills are a little high and wish to reduce them, LED technology can help cover that avenue. Your standard shop lights, hi-bay lights and even car park lights may be drawing a bit more than you realise and you may benefit by replacing your power hungry lighting to LED. This benefits you in a few ways including consistent lighting throughout relieving stress on your eyes, a change in colour to highlight your products and even enhance the light output. Gimpel Electrics have many commercial electrical services available, so do not hesitate in calling us to see how we can help reduce your power consumption.

Ventilation Replacements

In the midst of all the business requirements these days, don’t forget the essentials. Do you require communal or bathroom ventilation replacements. Gimpel Electrics will be happy to assist you in replacing or upgrading extraction fans where ever they may be, including on the roof or in ceilings. Don’t hesitate to call us with any electrical query you may have regarding your commercial or industrial property.

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