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At Gimpel Electrics, we are a family-run South-East Queensland electrical company that’s been serving our community with dedication for over 44 years. That’s why, for your everyday electrical wiring tasks, you can trust in us.

From the installation or replacement of light fittings, safety switches, and power points, to setting up new stoves or hot plates, we’re here for you. Every task, big or small, matters to us. Our skilled residential electricians are always ready to assist and answer any queries you might have.

With our extensive experience at your disposal, don’t hesitate to reach out to our Brisbane team today.

Why do you need a licensed electrician?

We all know how crucial it is to ensure every electrical aspect of our homes functions correctly. Your family could rely on your illuminated paths and well-maintained electrical systems for a swift and safe evacuation in emergencies; so having a certified domestic electrical systemic your home fitted with quality electrical work is vital for a safe living environment.

When was the last time you had a regular electrical inspection compliant with AS/NZS 2293.2:2019 for your home? Gimpel Electrics is delighted to perform these domestic electrical inspections, repairs, and residential electrical installation services for you. We have a Brisbane electrician on standby whenever you need us.

We have you covered. Get quality electrical services at a competitive price.

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Have high electricity bills but don’t know why?

Are you feeling the pinch of soaring electricity bills? Don’t fret; we’re here to guide you. At times, the solution might be as straightforward as switching to LED lights.

Beyond lighting, our experienced electrical contractors can spot those power-hungry appliances that might be weighing on your bill. They might even recommend switching them to a more cost-effective tariff.

Enhance your home with our home automation technology

The future of home living is here with home automation! Using the latest retrofit technology, we empower you to command your lighting and power right from your mobile device.

Imagine the convenience of illuminating your home before you step in, enhancing your safety. Whether you’re team Alexa or team Siri, voice-activated commands can now handle a majority of your home tasks. Monitor your appliance power usage, and if something’s consuming too much? Shut it off remotely.

Electrician installing solar panels on the roof of a residential property.
Photo of a recently renovated bathroom, with feature lighting in a residential property.

Slow internet? Boost your speeds with our NBN services

In this digital age, NBN has woven its way into our daily lives. If you’re seeking the ideal spot in your home for an NBN installation, or perhaps you require more phone or data points, we’ve got you covered.

Everyone’s needs are evolving; as we demand more connectivity in diverse corners of our homes, our team of local electricians in Brisbane stands ready to streamline your digital experience.

Not sure where to start with electrical rules and regulations?

Navigating the intricate web of electrical rules can be daunting – but we’ve got your back. For instance, post-2018, any modifications to home or office electrical circuits (32A or less) require a safety switch. It’s these little details that matter.

Trust in our quality service and get the assurance that your residence is at the pinnacle of safety.

TV having reception issues?

Experiencing hiccups with your Free to Air TV reception? Often, the solution is simpler than you might think. By reaching out to our experienced home electricians, you could restore clarity to your viewing in no time. And if you’re dreaming of catching your favourite shows from a different room, let us help. We can seamlessly supply and install additional TV power points to fit your needs.

Smoke alarms need maintenance or replacing?

The significance of functional smoke alarms in our homes can’t be stressed enough. They stand as vigilant guardians, ensuring the safety of our loved ones.

Remember, these devices have a life span – typically 10 years. And did you catch the update in 2017 regarding new smoke alarm regulations? No worries if you didn’t; our team is here to guide you. From evaluating your current setup to battery replacements or new installations, our home electricians are prepared to enhance the safety of your dwelling.

Analogue television with no reception sitting on indoor heater. If you're having reception issues with your tv Gimpel can help.
Thermal imaging of cat using camera

Bathroom feeling lifeless?

A bathroom’s damp environment can sometimes invite unwanted mould and mildew. The solution? A top-tier fan-heat-light system. With our expertise, we can help you combat humidity effectively.

Need a way to beat the heat this summer?

Summer’s scorching heat can make our homes feel like an oven. But imagine the solace of a gentle breeze, even indoors. By installing ceiling fans in your bedrooms, living spaces, and even outdoor areas, you can create your own oasis. Let this be the year you savour every moment of summer, cooled by the steady circulation of your new fans.

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