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The Gap, Brisbane, Qld
Commissioned: November 2021
Usable Battery Storage: 23kWh @ up to 60% DOD

The owner of the property had previously purchased the batteries and panels off a friend (24 x 2V 800AH sealed GEL batteries with 23KWh usable). The owner required a team to utilize this equipment and provide a quality off-grid system for their homestead.

It was required to add a 3G data sim and signal antenna to enable remote monitoring of this system. It is highly important to have remote access to off-grid systems whenever possible.

Photo of solar battery packs


  • 1 phase residential off-grid with storage
  • Generator to be added when the owner moves into the property

Installed PV

  • 33 x 330W REC N-Peak
  • 33 x Tigo DC optimizers to help combat patch shading and eliminate mis-match

System Components

  • 1 x Selectronic multimode inverter charger 7.5KW
  • 1 x Fronius 8.2KW Primo Selectronic certified
  • 6 x Powerplus Energy 4KWh eco lithium batteries
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