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Cedar Creek/Samford, Qld
Commissioned: November 2021
Usable Battery Storage: 24KWh @ up to 80% DOD with an additional 8KWh added later in the year.

Our clients were building their dream home ‘off the grid’ up on a mountain with beautiful views. They needed a quality system that would power their home and meet their energy requirements.

The first half of the installation completed was 13 panels installed on the shed where the batteries were housed in. The client’s builders used this system to build the house! We then added the additional 20 panels on the roof of the home and linked into the existing system.

Photo of a house under construction next to a completed house in the country with solar panels on the roof


  • 1 phase residential off-grid with storage

  • 10KVA generator supplied, installed and controlled by the battery system

Installed PV

  • 33 x 330W REC N-Peak
  • 33 x Tigo DC optimizers to help combat patch shading and eliminate mis-match

System Components

  • 1 x Selectronic multimode inverter charger 7.5KW
  • 1 x Fronius 8.2KW Primo Selectronic certified
  • 6 x Powerplus Energy 4KWh eco lithium batteries
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