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Mt Glorious, Qld
Commissioned: November 2021
Usable Battery Storage: 20kWh @ up to 100% DOD.

Our client, living out near Mt Glorious, had a previous hybrid / off-grid system that kept failing, therefore required an upgrade. Our client was a big fan of the Australian flow battery company, Redflow and their world’s smallest flow battery the ZCell.

The client’s request was a system that was still connected to the grid for export but could operate without the grid indefinitely.

The Redflow ZCell battery can only be used with Victron inverters at present – which is not a bad thing, as Victron make some of the world’s best inverter / chargers money can buy!

Personally we prefer Selectronic as these are made in Australia and probably the world’s best multimode inverters – but to support a quality Australian flow battery, we are happy to use Victron as well.

Photo of solar panels on the roof of a country house


  • 1 phase residential hybrid/off-grid system

Installed PV

  • 30 x 330W Trina black panels

System Components

  • 2 x 5000W Victron Multiplus 2

  • 2 x 85/250 Victron Smart Solar Charge controllers

  • 2 x 10KWh Redflow ZCell zinc bromine flow batteries

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