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Winter Money Saving Tips!

As we make our way into the winter months, the price of our power bills tend to rise. We bring out the heaters and electric blankets, just to keep ourselves warm for the season. For this reason, we have created a quick guide to keeping you warm without your power bills having to go up. Here are some tips to help you save money this winter.
Jar of coins spilled on a table
Step 1. Close the curtains

This may be an easy one, but it is often overlooked. Closing curtains in the rooms where you are heating helps by retaining a constant temperature and reducing outside influence. Glass is not a good insulator so thicker curtains will be more effective. Alternatively, take advantage of nature’s heating element and allow the sun to hit the windows to naturally heat the room.

Step 2. Set your thermostat lower

Setting your temperature 1 degree lower may save approximately 10% of your heating charge. Having a temperature of around 20 degrees celsius is comfortable and won’t burn your back pocket. The same applies in regards to your hot water system. We suggest setting the temperature to 60 degrees celsius where possible, as higher temperatures may result in more expensive running costs.

Step 3. Add thermal insulation into the ceiling

The most cost effective way to save money this winter and in the future, is to install thermal insulation. Insulation comes in many forms and acts like a big blanket to keep the heat in during the winter times. With many options available including wool, fibreglass and polyester keeping your home warmer this winter, your energy bills will love the attention. Please contact a licensed installer to ensure the installation is safe and meets Australian standards. If you are concerned about the safety of existing insulation in relation to downlights or electrical fittings, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible.

Step 4. Stop draughts from entering

One of the simplest methods to reduce heat loss in your home is by stopping draughts. Sealing off gaps around doors and windows can prevent around 25% of heat loss during the winter time. By using some self-adhesive weather stripping around these small gaps you will be able to prevent cold seaping in and you can relax peacefully knowing that you are achieving the most efficient use of your heating where possible.

Step 5. Install energy efficient lighting

Installing energy efficient lighting like LED, can drastically reduce your overall power bill all year round. Halogen and incandescent lights and globes can consume as much as 10 times the amount of electricity to produce a similar light output. Some LED’s can simply be replaced by a home owner, however, it is important that they are compatible with existing fixtures. This includes dimmer switches, as many older dimmers are not compatible with newer technologies and can damage both the new light source and dimmer iteslf. If you are unsure about what is available, or do not feel comfortable replacing these lamps please do not hesitate to call us to arrange a quote.


Remember your safety and that of your family is paramount and if in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of the above strategies or any issues you may have. This is produced as a guide only and any advise given is to be taken with your own personal circumstances in mind.

Contact a Professional Electrician for Your Electrical Problems

We have presented this information to educate the reader about the causes of a tripped circuit breaker – not as DIY repair instructions. If you suspect you have any of these problems, please contact a professional electrician. Gimpel Electrics is an electrician Brisbane southside residents and businesses call on. We’ll be happy to work with you to determine the best course of action to resolve any electrical problems you may be having. You can contact us by calling (07) 3343 4066, emailing, or by filling in the online form.

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