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Why Are My Lights Flickering? Five Reasons This Could Be Happening

Perhaps you have experienced settling in to read a book or browse the web and then noticed a distracting unsteady pulse of light. Lights flickering in house can be an indication of problems ranging from the relatively harmless to more serious issues that need the attention and care provided by professional electricians. Sporadic flickering can cause you to ask, “Why are my lights flickering?” and we will provide answers to that question in today’s blog.

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Are Lights Flickering in House Dangerous?

When you ask, “Why are my lights flickering?” it is common to wonder what sort of danger you may be in. In most cases, flickering lights are often benign though they can indicate a problem within your home’s electrical system which if left unattended can result in worse scenarios.

These can include:

  • Unusual fluctuations of power
  • Surges in power
  • Electronics being damaged
  • Electrical fires

A bit of prevention early on can save you trouble and money in the future which is why it is a good idea to have a professional electrician diagnose the situation.

Will Lights Flickering in House Cause a Fire?

The simple answer is no but the underlying causes of the flickering may be from bad wiring. In the case of loose wires, it is best to get them tightened straight away. When connections are not tight they can become overly hot and serve as an ignition source causing a fire.

Why Are My Lights Flickering?

There are many causes of flickering lights some of which are relatively minor, including:

  • Lightbulb problems such as a loose socket connection or a wrong bulb type
  • Problems in the fixture or light switch
  • The light plug and outlet lack a tight connection

A safely conducted examination can reveal these minor problems and a bit of tightening can solve the issue. However, other issues are more serious and should be diagnosed and fixed by a licensed professional.

Overloaded Circuits

Flickering may be caused by the initial use of larger appliances in the home but if it is ongoing and strong then there is a larger problem occurring. Bigger appliances draw more power and a malfunction inside the appliance can strain circuits inside your home.

Electrical Voltage Fluctuations

Appliances and equipment failing to match the needed amperage of an electrical outlet or switch can cause flickering. It is possible a fault in the wiring is the cause but there may be an issue with the entire electrical system. This can be a very technical issue and is the sort of electrical maintenance that needs to be addressed by a qualified electrician.

Electrical Connections

A loose electrical connection can be problematic, and it is a frequent cause of flickering lights. Connections can loosen with age and use, be a result of outdated wiring, or stem from being not being installed correctly. As previously mentioned, the worst-case scenario for loose wiring is the risk of an electrical fire, so do not hesitate to fix this problem.

Breaker Box Problems

The connection and wiring to your breaker box may be poor and cause your lights to flicker. If you hear buzzing, turn it off and have it inspected as quickly as possible. Additionally, sporadic flickering throughout your home is indicative of a larger problem that needs professional attention immediately.

Energex Off-Peak relay ripple signal

We have found this to also be a cause of flickering lights especially with LED downlights used with particular types of dimmer switches. This can be fixed by different brands or filters being installed in the circuit.

Loose Energex Neutral at the out side Pole

This has also been the reason for flickering lights in a few cases over the years and can be diagnosed by one of our electricians if it is the cause or not.

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Contact a Professional Electrician for Your Electrical Problems

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