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Barn with a lighting strike in the background

Are you storm ready?

During the Queensland Storm Season, our electricians are called to homes and offices which have experienced a nearby lightning strike to find many appliances affected by the surge. With almost every home and office these days having computers, entertainment systems, televisions, pools and the ever growing complex technology available, now is the time to prepare.
Barn with a lighting strike in the background

Being storm prepared is vital this day and age and installing a surge diverter into your switchboard may help by delivering the lighting strike down to earth. These devices sit within with your circuit breakers in your switchboard and are easily identifiable when ready to change.

Is a surge diverter required for everyday use?

A common misconception around surge diverters, is that they are only used during a storm. While surge diverters are used effectively during storms, there are also smaller surges that happen during your day to day life that you may not be aware of. These smaller surges can affect your home appliances, powerpoints and light fittings and can deteriorate these over time.

How does a surge diverter differ from my surge powerboard

Having a plug-n-play surge powerboard is great as a start, this helps by giving your selected appliances added protection from finer electrical surges and work in conjunction with your switchboard surge diverter.

A surge diverter found in your switchboard, helps by delivering the damaging voltages down to earth via your home earthing system and helps prevent larger spikes from occurring. This style of surge protection also helps by protecting anything plugged into your home, even if you do not have a plug-n-play option available.

Remember your safety and that of your family is paramount and if in any doubt, please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss any of the above strategies or any issues you may have. This is produced as a guide only and any advise given is to be taken with your own personal circumstances in mind.

Contact a Professional Electrician for Your Electrical Problems

We have presented this information to educate the reader about the causes of a tripped circuit breaker – not as DIY repair instructions. If you suspect you have any of these problems, please contact a professional electrician. Gimpel Electrics is an electrician Brisbane southside residents and businesses call on. We’ll be happy to work with you to determine the best course of action to resolve any electrical problems you may be having. You can contact us by calling (07) 3343 4066, emailing, or by filling in the online form.

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