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Smoke Alarm Safety

Now is the time to prepare for your smoke alarm check and clean. As smoke alarm rules have changed as of 1st January 2017, we urge customers to be aware of the changes.

While there may be time before you are required to be compliant, it is best not hesitate, as it only takes one cigarette, floor heater, candle, etc. to create an uncontrollable flame.

Diagram of where smoke alarms are required in a house

Here are a few frequently asked questions regarding domestic smoke alarm installations.

Q1. How many smoke alarms do I require to comply with the new / current legislation?

To comply with the new smoke alarm legislation, all bedrooms, adjacent hallways, each floor and entry points must have a smoke alarm, interconnected with each other and must activate all together.

Q2. I am a homeowner / occupier in an existing premesis, how do the rule changes affect me?

As a homeowner / occupier your requirement to ensure all your smoke alarms are interconnected must be met before the 1st January 2027, 10 years after the ruling came into effect. Alongside that rule, any smoke alarm older than 10 years, must be replaced to a photoelectric type which may be found when performing your annual battery replacement. In short, any new smoke alarm installed must be a photoelectric type.

Q3. I am a landlord, where do I stand with this new legislation?

As a landlord it is your responsibility to have your property up to date by 1 January 2022, 5 years after after the ruling came into effect.

Q4. I am a tennant, are there any changes i need to bear in mind?

As a tennant, your landlord should have had the smoke alarms checked prior to your moving in. If you are a tennant who has rented the same place for a while, when performing your annual battery check, it would be good to check for any dates on the smoke alarm and notify your real estate agent if you find a smoke alarm older than 10yrs. The premesis you are renting will need to comply with current legislation by 1 Jan 2022, 5 years after after the ruling came into effect.

Q5. I am building a new home, what is required of my new home.

When building a new home you must comply with the current legislation. This should be advised to you by your builders electrician who will ensure your home is compliant.

Information for this post has been referenced from Queensland Fire & Emergency Services website.
Download the QFES handy leaflet for more information.

Contact us if you wish to discuss any of the above strategies or other ideas you may have. This is produced as a guide only and any advise given is to be taken with your own personal circumstances in mind.

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